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Did you know that every body system/structure/organ has a reflex area represented on the feet, and also on the hands, face and ears? The purpose of reflexology is to improve the function of organs, glands, and all systems of the body. Reflexology is a catalyst for natural healing. 


Sarah will use different manual techniques on the reflexes to stimulate the nervous system and subtle energy pathways, which will support the body's efforts to function optimally. Experience:

  • better sleep

  • full body detox

  • reduced pain

  • whole body energy balance

  • reduced stress/anxiety

  • reduced menstrual discomforts

  • reflexology has even been shown to outperform over the counter pain medication, like Ibuprofen, to reduce menstrual cramps!

This is a foot reflexology session. Treatment includes castor oil + aromatherapy, hot towels, plus a lower leg massage! (and as always, there is an option for a weighted blanket and a lavender eye bag for your comfort!) 



Custom Bodywork Session........$85/hour.....$115/90 mins.....$150/2 hours

Relaxation is the corner stone of great health. Would you agree? It takes rest to progress! Enjoy a brain break on the massage table!


Regular massage therapy:

  • turns off the "fight or flight"/stress response in the brain 

  • promotes the "rest and repair"/relaxation state, giving your body a chance to recharge and destress.

  • promotes detoxification

  • promotes better sleep 

  • reduces pain and anxiety

  • increases range of motion and mobility

  • produces an overall feeling of wellbeing


This therapeutic full body session is tailored to fit your individual needs/goals. Sarah will intuitively blend different modalities to best assist the body in the healing/releasing process. 



Add Ons

Castor Oil Pack with Abdominal Massage..........$20 

(Reusable! Take your castor oil pack home for self care treatments!)


Digestive stress? Menstrual cramps? Then a castor oil pack treatment with abdominal massage is for you! 


A castor oil pack consists of a cotton cloth drenched in castor oil that is placed directly on the abdomen with a heating pad on top. This humble oil treatment has been found to:

  • help address congestion in the pelvic floor

  • increase blood flow and circulation to the uterus and ovaries

  • soften scar tissue (from surgeries, cysts, etc.)

  • shrink fibroids

  • help reduce endometriosis pain

  • improve or even eliminate mild-severe period cramping

  • improve irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disorders. 

Cupping.................No additional charge; can be added to any full body service! 

Myofascial technique to relieve adhesions in the fascial system, the connective tissue between the muscles, which allows for better range of motion and hydration of the tissues.  

House calls currently not available! In office only! Call/text for more info!

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