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Just had an amazing full body massage by Sarah! I had been travelling and had myself all in knots. Sarah took her sweet time to make sure she spent energy and focus on each part of my body and I left our session feeling relaxed and loose. Her knowledge of reflexology really added to the experience. 11/10 will do again!


-Claire T. 

Sarah has extensive knowledge on Holistic Therapies, she is the REAL deal! Highly recommend, as a massage therapist myself, I would refer out to her my own clients who specifically need women’s health focus or have a particular interest in reflexology because she is ALL about that and would better serve them than I would. I LOVE Sarah!

-Ashley R. 

Last November Sarah offered to be my health coach. I was in a very dark place mentally back then. She always listened to me attentively and compassionately. So I agreed. It's been a beautiful journey of transformation since then! Sarah never pushed on or tried to change me in any way. On the contrary, she was always  there for me, listening carefully and leading me to my own answers within me. She shared her light and ignited my soul with the new power I've never known I had! 

-Lena B.

Massage therapy is definitely her specialty!!!! Attention to detail, explains everything she does. Very highly recommended!!!!!

-Amber H. 

I was on my period and came into our bodywork session with some pretty bad cramps! Sarah worked her magic and I left feeling 100% better! She even recommended some herbs that would help!

-Alessandra R. 

It literally feels like my whole body is floating after our session! And I feel so much better when I leave. Thank you!

-Candie M. 

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